1. Circles

  2. Reaching EP
    Ben Hoo

  3. What Is House Muzik (Jazzuelle Remix)
    DJ Pierre

  4. Arboria EP

  5. Are You Loosing My Mind (Ricardo Villalobos Remixes)

  6. Just Be - Winters Bone
    Just Be

  7. System Of Survival - D-Votion (The Remixes)

  8. Miami 2017 - Mixed & Compiled by Daniel Dubb & m.O.N.R.O.E.

  9. Get Physical Presents: Africa Gets Physical Vol. 1 - Mixed by Ryan Murgatroyd

  10. Wake Up EP
    DJ T. & Lazarusman

  11. Mooki
    Aero Manyelo

  12. Ryan Murgatroyd - Kanna EP
    Ryan Murgatroyd

  13. aLIVE (Full Version)

  14. Bones (Remixed)
    Roland Leesker

  15. Pollo al Sillao (ANNA & Nakadia Remixes)

  16. Breeze EP
    Reno Wurzbacher

  17. D-Votion (Album Sampler)
    System Of Survival

  18. Magnetism EP
    Andre Salata

  19. V.A. - Full Body Workout Vol. 20 - Mixed by Gabriel Sordo
    Various Artists

  20. Whisper (Remixes)
    M.A.N.D.Y. feat. BAM

  21. What The F**ck
    Roland Clark, Santé

  22. Hi & Low (Remixes Pt 2)

  23. Are You Loosing My Mind (incl. Ricardo Villalobos Remixes)

  24. Next Level EP
    German Brigante feat. Nick Maurer

  25. Sessions - Selected Tracks Pt. 5 - Mixed by David Jach
    Various Artists

  26. 11:41
    George Vala

  27. Most Wanted Part.II 2016
    Various Artists

  28. Surface Tension
    Francesco Tristano feat. Derrick May

  29. Whisper

  30. Just Hang On (Kölsch Remixes)

  31. M.A.N.D.Y. - Double Fantasy

  32. Existe

  33. Bones
    Roland Leesker

  34. Down Dog EP
    Ryan Murgatroyd & Kostakis

  35. Get Physical Presents: Classics! Vol. 1 - Compiled & Mixed by Lutz Markwirth
    Various Artists

  36. We Are Phuture
    We Are Phuture

  37. 2 Feet Over The Ground
    Paul Schal & Ahmet Coskun feat. Yasha

  38. Get Physical Presents: Full Body Workout Vol. 19 Mixed by Djuma Soundsystem
    Various Artists

  39. Get Physcial Presents: Amsterdam Gets Physical 2016
    Various Artists

  40. Klassenfahrt EP
    Smash TV / Kotelett & Zadak / Shades Of Gray

  41. Get Physical Presents: Words Don’t Come Easy Pt. 4
    Various Artists

  42. D-Votion
    System of Survival

  43. The Physical Experience
    Rafael Moraes

  44. Friends Kiss

  45. A Journey To The Stars

  46. Secret Places (Remixes)
    El Mundo & Satori

  47. Various Artists - Full Body Workout EP1

  48. Get Physical Presents: Best Of Full Body Workout
    Various Artists

  49. Kutting
    System Of Survival feat. Vhelade

  50. Title Track

  51. Buya
    Black Coffee feat. Toshi

  52. Get Physical Presents: Best Of Full Body Workout
    Various Artists

  53. aLIVE

  54. Get Physical Essentials Vol. 14
    Alex Dimou

  55. Hi & Low (Remixes)

  56. Only Time Remains (Remixes)
    Tim Green

  57. Let The Music Take You Higher
    DJ Pierre

  58. Let Your Body Speak
    LD Nero

  59. Body Language Vol. 18 by Tim Green
    Various Artists

  60. Get Physical Music Presents: Ibiza 2016 - Mixed by Roland Leesker
    Various Artists

  61. Living in Space
    Kiko & Dave Davis feat. Phoebe

  62. Drowning
    Robosonic feat. Son Little

  63. Get Physical Music Pres. Sessions - Selected Tracks Pt. 4
    Various Artists

  64. Get Physical Music Presents: Full Body Workout Vol. 18 - Mixed by Kevin Yost
    Various Artists

  65. House For All
    Blunted Dummies

  66. Only Time Remains EP
    Tim Green

  67. Get Physical Music Presents: Essentials Vol. 13 - Mixed & Compiled by Olivier Giacomotto
    Various Artists

  68. WhoMadeWho

  69. Place On Lafayette (Remixes)
    Francesco Tristano

  70. Seeing Things

  71. Impermanent (Remixes)
    Julio Victoria

  72. Get Physical Music Presents: Body Language Vol. 17 by WhoMadeWho
    Various Artists

  73. Can U Dig It 

  74. Disengage EP
    Greg Pidcock & blondewearingblack

  75. Get Physical Music Presents: Miami 2016 - Mixed & Compiled by m.O.N.R.O.E.
    Various Artists

  76. Bipolar
    German Brigante

  77. Memories EP
    German Brigante

  78. Get Physical Music Presents Essentials Vol. 12 Mixed & Compiled by Kevin Over
    Various Artists

  79. Edge of Infinity (Remixes)

  80. Stay
    Leonardo Gonnelli Feat. Forrest

  81. We Get High Remix EP
    Eagles & Butterflies feat. J.U.D.G.E.

  82. Messiah
    Noir Featuring J.U.D.G.E.

  83. A/D/E/P

  84. Oricon EP

  85. Get Physical Music Presents Best Of Remixes Vol. 2 mixed and reworked by Emanuel Satie
    Various Artists

  86. Get Physical Music Presents: Full Body Workout Vol. 17 mixed by Zoo Brazil
    Various Artists

  87. Get Physical Music Presents: Most Wanted 2015 Pt. 2

  88. Faith (Remixes)

  89. Triade

  90. Get Physical Music Presents: Brazil Gets Physical 2015 mixed & compiled by Davis

  91. So Good EP
    German Brigante

  92. Abstract
    Eagles & Butterflies

  93. My Warehouse
    Roland Leesker

  94. New York, Baby
    Bryan Kessler

  95. Something Behind The Beauty EP
    Javier Logares & Kaarel

  96. We Get High
    Eagles & Butterflies

  97. Pre-ADE
    Wouter De Moor

  98. Fried Love EP

  99. Fade To Black (Remixes)
    Savvas Ysatis

  100. What I Got EP

  101. Float Away

  102. Get Physical Music Presents: Most Wanted 2015 Pt. 1
    Various Artists

  103. There’s A Way (Remixes)

  104. Quattro EP
    Tom Budden & Forrest

  105. Screw Crew
    Special Case

  106. Private Show EP
    Emanuel Satie

  107. Massive EP
    Tania Vulcano, AudioHell & Jose De Divina

  108. Forget Me
    Jazzuelle & Lazarusman

  109. Synthetic EP

  110. Ember (Remixes)

  111. In The Morning EP
    German Brigante

  112. Get Physical Music Presents: Hausmusik Vol. 2

  113. Remixes For M.A.N.D.Y.

  114. Ember EP

  115. Get Physical Music Presents: Ibiza 2015 compiled & mixed by Tuccillo

  116. Get Physical Music Presents: Body Language Volume 16 by Francesco Tristano
    Francesco Tristano

  117. Moonset EP

  118. Comfiness EP

  119. Francesco Tristano and P41 - Body Vanquish EP
    Francesco Trisano & P41

  120. Collapse EP
    Igor Vicente & DkA

  121. Out There EP
    Renato Ratier

  122. Basic Cut EP
    Kevin Over

  123. Beautiful Girl
    Junge Junge Feat. Kyle Pearce

  124. Second Horizon EP
    False Image

  125. The Journey
    George Morel & Nakadia

  126. Private Show EP
    Emanuel Satie

  127. Get Physical Music Presents The Best Of Get Physical 2014

  128. What Is House Muzik
    DJ Pierre

  129. The Night
    Roach Motel

  130. Get Physical Music Presents: Body Language Vol. 15 by DJ T.
    Various Artists

  131. Wild Luv
    Roach Motel

  132. Get Physical Music Presents: Hausmusik Vol.1
    Various Artists

  133. Get Physical Music Presents Body Language Vol. 14 Mixed by andhim

  134. Hausch (The Remixes)

  135. Superstitious (Remixes)

  136. It’s All I Need

  137. Equal Responsibility (The Remixes)

  138. Equal Responsibility

  139. What Is House Muzik (Jazzuelle Remix)
    DJ Pierre

  140. SIS - SIS IS SIS
    Various Artists

  141. 6 Degrees
    Audiofly feat. Fiora

  142. Proprio Tango EP
    Andrea Fiorito

  143. II
    Raz Ohara and the Odd Orchestra


Get Physical Music Berlin, Germany

The name says it all: Get Physical tracks could hardly be more moving and corporeal.

This aspect of physicality also resurfaces on one of the labels key release: the always anticipated in-house DJ mix series "Body Language", featuring the likes of Dixon, DJ Hell, Azari & III, Catz ‘N Dogz, Francesco Tristano and of course label-founders M.A.N.D.Y., Booka Shade, and DJ T.. ... more

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